• Are you affiliated with a professional association?

Yes, we are a member of The APDIQ and IDC. All of our collaborators are affiliated with professional associations related to their trade.

  • Do you design modern or traditional style?

Our preference is to propose a design that follows the vision and requirements of our clients. In general we have a vision that is more contemporary, but as you can see in our portfolio we are also very proficient in the two approaches. Ultimately the choice is yours!

  • What kind of design do you prefer: residential, commercial, institutional?

We have relevant experience in all types of projects, such as commercial spaces, medical clinics, office spaces, and during the last few years we have designed multiple projects for condominiums, grand entry halls and residential towers.

  • Do you monitor the construction progress and site?

Yes, we do site supervision if necessary; we will also act as a liaison between professionals, the general contractor and the client.

If you wish to know even more about the services provided by Style&Art Design, please do not hesitate to contact us.