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Lofts de la Biscuiterie, Phase 2, Montréal, Québec, 4500 sq.ft. (2014)


he old factory was built in 1906. In 1952, the building was enlarged and modernized, during a post-war period of economic growth. Today, the building was transformed in loft-style apartments. Described as « The industry castle », the Viau factory is a group of rectangular buildings, in the typical industrial style that defined the 20th century.

The challenge was to ensure the creation of a proper ambiance for the young professionals audience, while maintaining the industrial feel of the building.

In the hallway, the main attraction is an old scale that was previously used for measuring cooking ingredients. On the back wall, we have set up photos showcasing the former activities of the Viau factory as well as a short history of the place (lettering on acrylic panels)

The result: A young and chic vibe for an audience that enjoys a contemporary style, in a prestigious and unique place.

Services offered:
  • Design concepts for the lobby, hallways, floors and penthouse level  
  • Choice of colours for the rooftop terrace 
  • Presentations to the administration council and owners 
  • Plans techniques 
  • Technical plans 
  • Project management and quality assurance