Terrasses Paton, Place des Cageux , Laval, Québec (2013 - 2014), 7500 sq.ft.

Located on the shore of the Prairies River, Terrasses Paton offers a panoramic view of the water and the city, a magnificent place surrounded by nature. Our mandate was to create a welcoming atmosphere and create a transition between the exterior and the interior of the lobby. As you step into the hall, a simple look will suffice to notice the contemporary decors with its noble materials such as marble, wood, luxury carpets and the chandelier crystals. The water wall emanates a touch of finesse and a relaxing atmosphere to the space, suggesting a flow of the space in a dim light.

Services offered to the client:
  • Concept d’aménagement pour les 30 corridors 
  • Choix de matériaux, couleurs, nouvel éclairage, portes 
  • Présentation au Conseil d’Administration et aux copropriétaires 
  • Gestion du projet, coordination de travaux