Professional services in interior design

If you decide to redesign your space, Style & Art Design can help you to pursue your project by providing you with our professional services including:
Preliminary design
  • Analysis of your requirements
  • Complete site measurement and drawing with Auto CAD software
  • Research and development of the global concept
  • Evaluating schedules and budgets
  • Visual presentation, rendered perspectives and freehand sketches
Concept development
  • Technical drawings
  • demolition / construction
  • electrical equipment, telephone, computer
  • materials and finishes
  • ceiling and lighting concepts
Integrated furnishings
  • Design of built in furniture, storage, kitchen, bathroom, etc. to meet your needs and expectations
  • Shop drawings.
Coordinating & supervising the site
  • Preparation of tenders;
  • Analysis of submissions
  • General coordination with all consultants and professionals.
  • Work supervision
Other services
  • Estimate preliminary cost for the implementation of your project;
  • Rendered perspectives;
  • Presentation to the Board of Directors.
  • Services of a consulting Architect
If you wish to know even more about the services provided by Style&Art Design, please do not hesitate to contact us.